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So, since I've switched things up a bit, more and more quilters are coming to visit me at the studio to drop off their projects to be quilted and I thought it would be nice to give you all a tour and show you where to go.
 Here's the view of the house from the street. It's the second house south of 166 on 528 in Thompson. Really easy to find!
 It is a long drive, but no worries. It makes a great walk to get the mail!
 And when you're pulling up the drive you may be able to see the cows in the pasture next door.
 You can barely see them in this photo, but they're blending into the corn field and wood line. They're there I promise! So those are my neighbors.
 To get to the studio, pull up the drive along the house (it's on the left side). You can pull right to the back of the house.
 Just off the patio you'll see this door and that's where the studio is!
 Just come on in and I'll be there to greet you. Now, I'm going to try to be here quilting most weekdays from 10-5 ish, but I will not be here everyday. Please call or e-mail me to set up an appointment to meet. Typically if I'm not here I'll be at my home in Madison sewing like a maniac.
Then when you walk in, this is what you'll see! I've got the blinds drawn to aid in what I'm working on and this is actually a different angle that what you'll see, but I can't show you what's on the machine just yet, so this view will have to do. This is my other office and I actually need to get ready to go there now.

Thank you all for understanding the change of direction my little business has gone in. It's really helped me to relax and breathe and for those inquiring minds - no I still haven't taken a day off yet. Most of the recent days I've worked have been more creative and less stress, so it's okay. Maybe this weekend, but I don't know. I've got a nice stack of fabrics calling my name begging to be turned into a quilt!

So, come on out and see me if you can! I've also been toying with the idea of a quilting "workshop" to have a few people at a time come out to the machine and see the set up. I could show you a few things and let you try your hand at a bit of quilting. More or less to get awareness out there of what I really do and how the quilting process works. Anyone interested?

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  1. would love to see what it takes to long arm a quilt and to try my my hand at long arm quilting


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