Fun-Size Quilts Winner!!!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this fun giveaway. Not only does it seem that you all are excited about the book and can't wait to get it in your hands... You all seem to love chocolate too! I had such a blast reading all of the comments. And I may have raided my fun size candy stash after reading about chocolate all day long...

So let's get to the winners! 

The winner of the eBook version of Fun-Size Quilts is:
Dairy Queen Blizzards have a fun-size!!

The winner of the signed copy of Fun-Size Quilts is:
Fun sized...hmmmm....maybe BabyRuths...no...Snickers....no.....Hershey Kisses....no...Mounds with Almonds....no...Butterfingers...no,.. oh heck, just all of them.....

Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for stopping by and making me laugh with your comments. This was such a fun giveaway and I'll have to do another one here soon kinda like it.

I have to admit though, My snack of choice while quilting is baby carrots. No mess on the fingers! And I can eat as many as I want. However, it just doesn't do the same trick as chocolate :)

Thank you all again and congrats to the winners!

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