I've been waiting patiently for my flowers to bloom this year and it finally happened!
My hydrangea took a while to get going, but it's growing big and strong now!
I LOVE my stargazer lilies and they're in bloom. They're so full and big this year even staking them wasn't enough to hold them up. 
Plus they're tall. The one still standing on it's own to the left is taller than me. Most of these stalks have an average of 15 flowers on each one. They smell so good this year. 

The lilies don't last very long each year so I have to share them while they're around. Did you have good luck with your blooms this year?


  1. My hydrangea is all leaves this year, but my Bleeding Hearts went wild

  2. Late freeze left me with few flowers...thanks for sharing your beauties!!!


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