Machine Quilting: Watermelon Fun

If this quilt doesn't scream picnic quilt, I don't know what will!
 Anne made this really fun watermelon quilt with a bunch of scraps of the perfect reddish pinks and soft lime greens for the backgrounds. Then she added in just enough "perfect prints" to finish off this quilt, I'll show you in a bit.
 Her request was to play up the background and do something fun in each watermelon. With a design like this, I try to keep the quilting fun yet simple so it doesn't overwhelm the quilt. I have a belief that the quilt should take center stage and the quilting should be an accent, not the first thing you see. It should enhance a quilt.
 To soften the design, swirls were quilted into the borders. Notice those "perfect prints" I was talking about? The watermelon fabric and those ants?! I don't think she could have chosen anything better!
Those ants were so much fun, Anne put them on the back too! Oh, and I hear she did a faux piped binding using both the ants and the watermelon fabrics. I bet it turned out adorable.

Thanks Anne, your quilts are always so much fun to work on!

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