Machine Quilting: Feathered Star Queen

Now this quilt differs slightly from this one and this one. Same basic pattern, same designer, same principle. However, this one is the Queen size and then some.
 Now, this quilt actually has less in the star itself than it's smaller counterpart, but has this awesome pieced border. Then in true Doris fashion, she added borders to make this quilt bigger than usual. When I asked her what she wanted, her reply was, "lots and lots of feathers."
 So with that in mind I got started. Every so often I try to take in-progress photos and they're fun to look back on.
 Plus it helps with a design like this that is so large. Usually by the time I would get to these same pieces on the sides, I might forget some crucial detail and the reference helps to keep it all the same.
 And before you know it (or a few days later really) it was done.

 I added in feathers where I could on the larger pieces. Since the pieces in this size are MUCH larger than those of the smaller size, I could add in a TON more detail, like these feathers.

 I kept the overall plan simple. It was basically feathers, stippling and tendrils.
 The center of this quilt was HUGE! I actually had to quilt it in sections it was too big to quilt all at once in the span of my machine. I was puzzled on how to fill this large area without detracting from the overall design. And then it hit me, a feathered wreath in the feathered star with some tendrils. I love how it turned out. It filled the center nicely and adds to the design I think.
 I love the colors for this quilt. Granted the movie is so popular right now, but when I look at this quilt, all I can think of is Frozen. Am I right?
 And here's more feathers...
 Oh and the one border was extra big so it got a TON of feathers quilted in it. I swear I never quilted so many feathers before.
And because you can actually see it, the backing shows off the quilting nicely. 
I know this one might be a little harder to see the details, but that's because it has all of the details. This is a shot of about half of the back of the quilt. If you click on it, it should make it larger to see more details.

Thank you again, Doris! Your quilts are beautiful!!!

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