Now, I take pictures of 98% of the quilts I machine quilt. The 2% are either mine or the quilts that were on the machine the day I forgot the camera at home.

The machine is located at my parent's house. My Mom actually got the machine first thinking she would become a long-armer. Then she fell in love with the fabric and opened up Cottonpickers Quilt Shop instead. She still kept the machine so she could quilt the samples for the shop.

A few years later I started playing with the machine and a few years after that I quit my 9-5 job to long-arm full-time. I would love to move the machine to my house, but I have no room for it, so everyday I travel to "my office" at my parent's house.

I am usually by myself during the day. Just me and the dogs, but when everyone gets home from work they usually stop in and chat.

Now, here's the real reason for this post. So I almost always have my camera at the house. I take tons of pictures of the quilts I work on. Mostly it started as a reference for that moment of "quilt it like that one you did for me 2 years ago" and trust me - it's come in handy more times than once.

Well, as I was taking my photos of a quilt I just finished, my goofball brother, Paul, jumped in the shot and here's the proof:
If that grin doesn't say "I'm up to no good" I don't know what does! What can I say, he's my little brother and he makes my days interesting!

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  1. HaHa! Jokes on him! does he know his picture is floating everywhere in blogger world? Or is he like my son who enjoys hammin' it up for the camera!?


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