Machine Quilting: Feathered Star #2

Here's another Feathered Star by Judy Niemeyer that I was able to quilt:
 It looks just a bit different from the other Feathered Star I quilted...
 Marge asked for "just enough" quilting, but something to make it look it's best. Going off of her fabric choices, I chose many rustic type patterns and textures.
 I tried another new design for the center snowflake of the quilt and I love how it is similar enough to tie into the rest of the design, but is unique enough to stand on it's own.
Marge chose this wonderful Jo Morton print for the backing and when you look straight on, you can't see any of the quilting. Heck, you can barely see it in this picture. This just goes to show you what the difference will be when you choose a back if you want the quilting to show or not.

Thanks, Marge! I hope you enjoy your quilt! It looks fantastic!

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