It's getting to be that time of year (finally!) where thunderstorms and lightning are more prevolent. So with that in mind, I ask you, do you unplug your machines?  

I am shocked by how many people look at me like I've grown a second head when I tell them I unplug my machines when they are not in use. I do every time. I shut them off and unplug them every time. But I also do not sew during a bad storm either. Here's why :
Yeah sure surge protectors have done wonders, but lightning is faster than the reaction time in most cords. Ask any techno-geek you know and they'll probably agree. Even if the machine is off and plugged into the outlet it could get fried. 

Granted I know the chances of it happening are slim, but I'm not willing to take that risk. Usually the motherboard is what gets damaged the most. Many models of older machines have parts like the motherboard that are nearly impossible to get replacements for. Even some newer models don't have a grand stock of replacements out there. 

Can a motherboard be replaced? Yes. 

Will there be other damage? More than likely. 

Do I want to part with my machine? Never. 

Especially with the long arm, I cannot risk losing days or even weeks to replace parts or my entire machine with a stack of customer quilts waiting for me. It's just not practical. So Mom and I both have adopted the practice (or habit more truthfully) of unplugging our machines. 

It is more than just storms though, rolling brown or black outs are extremely harsh on electronics. A blown fuse, an unexpected power surge, they're all lot fun and not good for your stuff. It's just best to be safe!

So I ask again, do you unplug your machines? Or will you consider it in the future?


  1. Yep, I'm with you on this one....I always unplug and I do not use my machine during bad storms!

  2. I never considered this! Thanks for the tip. I will be unplugging my machine probably tomorrow night when the bad storms roll through Arkansas. Thanks! :) -Brittany

  3. I love the machines I have right now, so they do get unplugged!

  4. I do to! we are retired and I can't afford to replace my sewing machines or my computers.
    One year my sis got me a photo display and we forgot to unplug it and lightning got it along with our phones

  5. I don't , but will now after reading this ,thank you .

  6. I have always unplugged my machines. We don't have many storms, but I don't want to take any chances.

  7. I do the same thing even though the outlet is controlled by a switch. When we go on vacation all appliances get unplugged too. Can't risk frying the chip in the microwave, computer, etc. when brownouts occur.

  8. I use very high end surge supressors for all of my electronics. The brand I use actually will protect in the event of a lightning strike. The unit is designed to "sacrifice" itself if a jolt of voltage comes through the line. Mine have a lifetime warranty. If the surge supressor does not stop the surge, the warranty pays 100% replacement for whatever it doesn't protect. Can't beat that.

  9. Yes I do. Have found the cheap surge protector worked better than the expensive one . Having had things Fried it is better to be cautious.
    I do think your power plugs ( top photo ) have little faces that look like they have had a shock or big surprise. You had me going around checking what "Faces," mine have!

  10. Always unplug when I'm not using my machines. My longarm's warranty is void if something goes wrong and they find out you had it plugged in when it wasn't in use. Totally a habit with me...I've actually gone back into my quilting room to make sure I unplugged it because I didn't remember...yep, unplugged. I won't sew or use my laptop during a storm either - it's the best time to clean house though - nothing computerized about that!


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