Weekend Checklist

So I'm sitting here reflecting back on my weekend. I stayed home yesterday since the weather and roads were awful and spent the day sewing. 
1. Change out of fleece before sewing... Oooopppps

2. Clear the drive before hubby got home from work, check!

3. Snow to begin just as I finished clearing said drive and making it look like I didn't do a thing, check!

4. Finish a small project, check! 

5. Start another and press half of the pieces the wrong way, check!

6. More snow to arrive, check!

7. House cleaned, nah, but another polar vortex and frigid temperatures are coming this way soon. 

Yeah, that was basically it for me, nothing too exciting this weekend. Anything exciting happen for you?

1 comment:

  1. Yup! Wore black fleece to a sew day. Worked on project that used a Kona Snow jelly roll, you know the one with the pinked edges that fluff all over the front of you?


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