This is Why...

This is why I quilt...
 This was the high yesterday. Granted, I think God has a sense of humor and the sun came out and brought the temperature up to a whopping 7 with the sun directly on it later in the day...
 Here's the other reason I think God has a sense of humor. It was bitterly cold yesterday. It makes your nose freeze from the inside out when you breathe and your speed increases going to and from. BUT wait, it was absolutely gorgeous and sunny. It was very deceiving... But to distract us all from the cold, we had the right conditions to create snow rollers for the first time that I can remember.
 It was really neat to see. It has to be the right conditions of temperature, humidity and wind. Basically the wind blows and catches the top layer of snow and it rolls onto itself making these little hoho roll looking things. These were included in the batch in our neighbor's pasture.
I can see them out the window from the quilting room. It was nice to see and was something interesting besides staring at the thermometer all day.

Now yesterday I went to PT again in the morning and wore some yoga pants to make the stretches and exercises a but easier to do. When I was outside in said yoga pants, I was thinking 'it's not that cold'. Then you try to breathe and as I mentioned earlier, you feel your nose freezing internally. Not fun. But alas, that deceptive sunshine did me in and I got to the quilting machine still thinking I wasn't that cold. Then I went inside and went to the bathroom. I really was that cold. Sorry if this is TMI, but all I could think of yesterday was this clip:
I blame it on my hubby for brainwashing me with horrible movies. Hope it made you smile and you're warm!

Oh, and in other news, Miss Savanna made her arrival this week in a small break in the winter weather and we went to see her last night. She is adorable and has the most chubby cheeks you've seen. But I think she did me in too. In combination with PT in the morning and rocking a crying baby back to sleep last night, I didn't realize how much it was killing my hip until it was too late. Oh well. She's cute and worth it. I just wish my pain pills would kick in soon. I will share pictures soon once she gets home and settled in.

Come back tomorrow for some exciting news!


  1. We woke to to snow this morning too, which continued off and on most of the day. Not as cold here, though, so I hope you warm up soon! I've never seen snow rollers before - I'll be looking in our pastures for them! Congratulations on the arrival of Miss Savanna!!! Looking forward to pictures :):)

  2. I hear you on the cold. Central Iowa is freezy and windy right now too. Congrats on the new arrival too!


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