Snow Day-ish & #APQquiltalong progress

So I had these grandios plans to go and quilt today after my PT this morning. Little did I know I would have the pain & torture version of PT and not the nice physical therapy type. 

Why PT? I kinda may have gone gangbusters working out this year and aggravated an old hip injury and made it worse... So I was supposed to be "evaluated" today or so I thought. I did and then to loosen the internal tendons and ligaments of my hip, there was this twisting and lots of pressure massage-y type thing with the warning I'm going to be sore later. It's not much later and guess what, sore already!

So, I don't do as nice of quilting when I fee ick and the roads got horrible so I'm staying home today. When I got home the sun came out and I spotted this guy in my backyard:
Yeah, we were supposed to get 1"-2" of snow today. That's about 4" out there and it's the light slippery stuff. 

So I'm going to spend part of my day admiring my #APQquoltalong. I wanted to show you all the one thing I changed:
Here is where it is currently living on the back of my couch until I figure out how to quilt it. I have ideas but I'm letting this one take its time and tell me what will be best. No rushing. 

Now if you have been following the blog, if you've seen my book, or if you know me, you know I love scrappy. I loved this quilt from the start, but in the cutting instructions the sashing pieces and I had a disagreement. Why put one huge piece of fabric in when you can break it up? The more the merrier! So if you look at my sashing I substituted several squares instead of one long piece. It makes me super happy. 
Now if Paco will let my quilt and I share the couch with him and his nest there might be some sort of sanity in this winter wonderland we're living in today. I think to speed up my recovery a chick flick is in order. I'm thinking I finally need to watch Save the Last Dance since hubby's not home and can't complain about it!

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