In the midst of all of the craziness that this time of year is (quilting show and Christmas quilts, Christmas in general, snow, Quilt Market, etc.), Ben and I decided to run away and go on a cruise. It was a much needed week of relaxation.
 We started our trip at Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. It's wonderful and I highly recommend it.
 You just may not want to take along a travel companion that's such a dork as my husband. Love you, Ben! (He is quite entertaining however!)
 We saw sharks and fish...
 And finally saw the area you "lazy river" through the shark tank. It was awesome! I would consider doing this in the future!
 The sunsets were wonderful...
 In St. Thomas this was my view for the day!
 Our boat!
 St. Maarten and Maho Beach welcomed us back (along with 5 other ships of people, I've never seen so many people in one port before!)
 The interesting thing about Maho is it's literally beach, this road, fence, International Airport Runway...
 This plane was actually much further away from the end of the runway than many of the larger jets that take off.
 At the Sunset Bar & Grill you can get this amazing pizza that'll CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! It's shrimp and garlic with a pomodoro sauce on this amazingly thin coal fired crust. I have yet to find it anywhere else. All of the seafood pizzas around here either come with white sauce or no sauce... They need to make one of these around here!
And I still cannot get over how blue the water truly is in this region. This was the view from our room and I spent many hours on this balcony watching the flying fish and just relaxing.

And I'm proud to announce this is the first vacation in years I didn't work one single second of my trip. I took stuff with me (figuring out patterns, doing math, etc.) but I didn't touch it once. It. Was. Wonderful.

Now today it's snowing and cold and I'm wanting to hibernate, but the cupboards won't fill themselves if we don't go shopping, so I better get going. I'll be back with more posts soon! (I'm going to try to play catch-up with all of the things I've been wanting to share!)

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  1. Cruises are so wonderful for getting away and living the luxurious life :) Been on a couple to the Caribbean - fabulous water color, lovely beaches and warmer than home!!! And the food...were you aware that the average cruiser gains over 1 pound a day??? Last cruise I did laps to help avoid that!! So glad you had such a great time!!


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