Baby Shower for Savanna!!!

I'm due to be an aunt again in January and a couple weeks ago we had the shower for my S-I-L, Melanie.
 It was a wonderful event and I'm sure Savanna (my future niece) is almost set with everything she needs.
 There were lots of friends and family present and many thoughtful gifts were given.
 Now, I know you're thinking that I made her a quilt and you're kinda right, but I have a story to tell first.

Ben's Gramma (GG) was this amazing petite little firecracker of a woman. She was really close with my S-I-L and they did everything together. GG passed away a few years ago after a wonderful life. During the last few years of her life, she was frail and had Alzheimer's Disease, and I decided to make her a lap quilt in her favorite color purple as she was always cold. It was nothing special, just a Yellow Brick Road, and one of the first quilts I made.
 This is GG (on my M-I-L's wedding day). We miss her dearly each and every day, but not as much as Melanie. After GG's passing, I was given back the quilt I made her. I am a huge traditionalist on certain things, and I love heirloom goods.

I stashed GG's quilt in my hope chest waiting for GG's first great-granddaughter to be born to hand down the quilt through the generations. We got the news earlier this year that Mel was having a girl and it was too perfect, I almost couldn't wait.

So, I didn't make Savanna a new quilt, but this one is so much better. To make it even better, I wrapped the present "From: GG" and folded the quilt so the label was the first thing she'd see when she opened the bag.
 I love the progression of photos, so I'm sure you can figure it out too!

 The label reads:

"Made with love for Louise "GG" Gubanc in Fall 2006, Given to Savanna Remely in her memory 2013"

Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the label, or the quilt. I don't have any pictures of GG with her quilt, but I will try to get some of Savanna and her new quilt when she makes her arrival to this world in the near future.

Plus, I kept myself busy loving on these little ones during the day. These are Ben's cousin's twins born this summer, Sam & Chase. Twins run rampant in Ben's family and they are the first batch for their generation. I love them dearly and can't get enough!

I mean just look at those sweet faces! What fun. So I made a quilt, kinda, and I'm sure that Miss Savanna will get plenty more in her lifetime!

If and when I get a picture of the quilt, I will be sure to share it here. I thought I got one the day of the shower, but I was too busy explaining how I was responsible for the greatest surprise that I had been keeping secret for months. It feels so good to have that done and over with. I almost slipped too many times!

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