Creative Avoidance

AKA -procrastination. I feel like there's so much to share and so much to say, but when I have energy to post it all, my camera is in another county, and when it's here, there is an invisible barrier between my computer and I. 

Today I spent the day at home for the first time in ages. It has been months (literally) and I was so excited I didn't know where to start. I cleaned a little which made me feel good and I spent my afternoon/evening hand quilting. It has been wonderful. 
There's so many projects I wanted to tackle but I saw this waiting for me and it's absolutely frigid outside so this seemed like the perfect thing to do. Plus, before I start a new project I should finish something (hahahahaha). That and before I use my machine I should put my new plate on it, which means it needs cleaned, and I really didnt want to do that today, so another day. How are you staying warm and busy?

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