My Crazy Pup

So you've told me that you like seeing posts about my dogs. Well, they always deliver with some latest crazy thing they've done.

Duncan was and has been on antibiotics on and off again. He hates pills and has outsmarted us on every delivery method we could come up with to hide the pills. Sadly when he wasn't feeling so great he wasn't eating either so we coaxed him with some gravy if needed...

The last bout of pills were two pills twice a day. I could barely get him to eat one pill let alone two! And of course one had this blue coating that once he spit it out, it dyed your skin to look like a smurf for a day or so. So in a desperate pinch, I mixed in some wet dog food with his regular stuff and just threw the pill in AND IT WORKED!

Months later and no more pills, we can't stop the wet food and he actually bugs us until we feed him. He gets so excited when we're mixing his food this is how he reacts:
Just watch the paws and the ear fluff! 

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  1. I love it! They are so precious, aren't they? When my cat had to take antibiotics we had to find creative ways to give her the pill. We had to make a burrito out of her wrapped in a beach towel. Then when we think she has swallowed it, she will use her cat box. The next day I found her pills in the cat box. I had to tell her vet. All he did was laugh; then he told us to stick it as far down her throat as possible without getting bit. Of course that became hubs' job. Our fur babies are too funny and clever.


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