Machine Quilting: Christmas Runners

I'm finally getting in the swing of the season, but sadly I still need to decorate :/

My Nana, however, got some of us girls in the Christmas mood a bit early this year. Every year, her church hosts a Christmas tea and it's pretty neat. There are several tables and each table has it's own host(s). The hosts are responsible for decorating the tables including centerpieces, candles, plates, and whatever else works for them. Plus, they give out a cute hostess gift to their guests that come.

Now, if you know my Nana, you know she's kinda overzealous in the hostess department and it's her true gift from God. She is amazing! So, this year she made table runners for each guest and had them draped over the backs of each chair!
 All of the runners were the same pattern, just in different fabrics (from her stash!)
 I quilted them all the same and I LOVE this pattern. It was so much fun to do and it was just as the temperatures were dropping and the holiday season was beginning, but no Christmas music was playing... I needed something a bit more spunky to get in the groove.
I currently have my runner on the back of my couch and I love it! I had fun quilting these, I had a blast at the Christmas tea with my Mom and Nana, and I love displaying treasures made from relatives so this was perfect!

Now if I just had the motivation to wrap my presents... Can't rush into these things :)


  1. Gotta love those Hunter's Star patterns. Nice job on the quilting Becky.

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  3. How awesome is your Nana! And of course your quilting is fabulous. Merry Christmas.

  4. so beautiful I love all your work!
    Greetings from Holland


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