Snowy Squirrels!!!

Or one. A really really big one.
 I finally had my camera at the ready when a squirrel decided to munch on our feeder this week.
 This little (or not) rascal was quite determined and then did something I've never seen before.
Now, when the cob is smaller, the squirrels will try to steal the rest of it all for themselves and some have succeeded. This guy however turned around and was trying to take the entire feeder off of the tree! I don't believe we have anyone living in the tree just yet, but I really haven't been checking it at sunrise and that's when they seem to get moving for the day.

If I see any more characters like this one, I'll try to snap photos and share them on here!

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  1. That rascal! Make sure your pet is current with rabies shots. Lol Thank you for sharing. I too love watching animals. When my cat (she wears a harness) and I go out for a walk in my backyard I have to keep an eye out for hawks. They are so devious. One time the hawk was watching us from the tree; of course I didn't see it and neither did my cat. My cat proceeded to munch on grass while I drank morning coffee. Then suddenly I heard a loud rustling noise from the shrubs nearby. It was the hawk moving in to grab my cat. I screamed "hawk" and my cat ran for the patio door. The hawk was a junior one just learning to catch prey so it didn't quite have the finesse yet. That was scary.


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