The Illusive Quilting Dog

Now, before I begin, you have to imagine this whole post in your best Steve Irwin voice. Alright? Okay then.
 Now here we spot the Illusive Quilting Dog in his natural habitat... Be wary, I think he's spotted us!
 Being the attentive creature he is, he tends to sleep with one eye open to be aware of his surroundings...
Taking shelter in this hair ridden quilt, you have to be careful not of his head, but of that tail! It will begin to shake like a rattler snake when you approach... This is a sign he either will not accept your company and you must retreat, or he wants attention, but he doesn't want to have to move to get it.

Yes this is my dog Paco. Yes that is a quilt I made that he stole for his own. Yes that is also my chair he has stolen for his own. And yes, he weighs only about 5 pounds. Actually it looks like he has atleast 3 blankets there, which is pretty typical. He waits for you to warm one up and walk away and he'll take it to his "nest" and build it bigger and bigger until he has all 6 blankets and quilts. Yes, I said 6...

I love these pictures. He's so nutty!


  1. LOL! that is so funny! I have a long-haired Chihuahua, Louie, and he acts the very same way! Sometimes when I pick him up he snarls and growls so much people are afraid of him but it's just his way of saying "don't take me out of my blankets!"

  2. No Dogs, but I have Cats that insist on being around when I quilt and especially when I'm binding a quilt.

  3. My little Tara looks so much like your Paco...and she loves her quilts and blankets too!! It is so funny to watch her wrestle a queen sized quilt into submission! Five pounds of cushy, heat-seeking, pampered pooch!!

  4. Paco is so cute! Let him have his quilts, I let my cat have any quilt she wants and she doesn't like to share either. She can be a stinker sometimes. What would we do without our fur babies.

  5. Paco is a cutie, but he looks like he will take your hand off if you touch his quilts.


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