Machine Quilting: Wedding Bargello

This Fall I have been quilting my little heart out, but many of the quilts are for Christmas presents, so I can't share many of them on here. :(

However, I have also been quilting many quilts for wedding presents and this one I can share!
 My Nana made this quilt for my cousin's wedding earlier this Fall. The colors of the wedding were tan, grey, peach and teal. Originally it had Nana in a pickle trying to come up with the right pattern, but she found this Bargello and it turned out so well!
 The more neutral tones were mixed in the background letting the teal color take the spotlight in the chains.
Since the quilt had so much going on, we didn't want to take away from that with the quilting. This is one of those instances where an all-over elegant pattern works best to let the quilt stand out and the quilting take second place. We kept the thread neutral as well to add to the subtlety of the quilting.

Now I think I need to make a quilt like this! I haven't made a Bargello yet, it's on my quilter bucket list!

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