Machine Quilting: Super Duper Large Glacier Star

Doris is this absolutely adorable woman who originally is from the Ohio area but now resides in Florida. When she was home visiting relatives earlier this year she stopped out to Cottonpickers and wanted to make the Glacier Star quilt with extensions. Since she was visiting, she was short on time so she asked Mom to pick out a kit for her with blues and greens. This was how it turned out:
 Disclaimer: This pattern with the extensions is large enough, but Doris decided it needed to be a bit bigger to fit her bed, so she added borders around the whole quilt.
 When I asked Doris what she wanted, I was told to keep it youthful and fun and she liked feathers, so with that in mind, I went to town.

 I love this center. Judy's snowflake center allows for some pretty awesome quilting results.

 Most of the designs I used combine a mixture of curves and points so if it wasn't a feather, it felt like a feather and they all played well together in the grand scheme of the quilt.

Doris called me after she got the quilt and I loved her message on my phone so much I saved it! Thanks, Doris, this quilt was wonderful and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

If there's a Judy Niemeyer pattern you would like a kit of, but don't have the time or energy to pick out the fabrics, contact Cottonpickers as Doris did and we can help you out! Just let us know which pattern and what colors you'd like and we can get it done.


  1. Hi Rebecca, What an amazing quilting job your did on Doris's "Glacier Star Quilt" and "Cottonpickers" selected great colours that really make the quilt sing! Now if only my quilt colours would do the same. As I also have the exact quilt pattern plus "Flowers for my Wedding Ring" as well by Judy. However, I have several hiccups before I can go anywhere near my quilt yet!

    One problem is that I can not decide on what colour ways I want to make my quilt! Any suggestions Rebecca! My favourite colours are blue and purple but here is my dilemma, I already have collected an amazing amount of blue fabrics in my stash and I think I would prefer to use another colour instead. Would you agree? I don't want to rush my decision as I am not really ready to make my quilt yet. You see I have a two UFO's to finish first as well as another quilt to make even before I start my own Glacier Star.

    Anyway I though I would just drop by to say how much I love your FMQ on Doris's quilt and that I have just joined your site so that I can follow your wonderful quilt making skills. Keep up the good work and happy quilting. A new fan! Julie Beard, Adelaide South Australia.

  2. Doris made a beautiful quilt ...love the cool colours with the blue and green.......your quilting has really enhanced the whole quilt.....


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