Machine Quilting: Mariner's Compass #3

I'm so excited to see many of the ladies in the area getting ready to finish up their Mariner's Compass designed by Judy Niemeyer. This pattern is a Technique of the Month that began earlier this year and they're rounding third and heading for home. Everyone has chosen very different colors from one quilt to the next and it's interesting to see how it makes areas of the quilt stand out or act more subtle depending on how it's colored. Take Paulette's for instance:
 She chose OSU colors, Scarlet & Gray! O-H! I-O! Anywho, I knew she was choosing these and I wasn't sure how the quilt would turn out with a limited palette, but it's amazing! Can you believe she only used 7 fabrics?!
 Since it is a Mariner's Compass, I did blend in some nautical quilting motifs, it's a must!
 The center is always my favorite part to quilt, it has to have some personality.

 This time around, I blended a mixture of organic shapes with some straight modern lines since this quilt lent itself so well to the idea.
 All in all I think it turned out well.

Now, busy backs are best. Ask any long-arm quilter. But this one was over the top. Can you see the quilting? Yeah, neither can I!

Thanks, Paulette! You did an amazing job and I had such a blast working on your quilt. It was vastly different than the original Mariner I quilted!

This pattern is available only through Judy Niemeyer Certified Shops and Teachers, but you can purchase both a pattern and a kit by visiting Cottonpickers Quilt Shop! For more information visit their website by clicking here or by calling them at 440-279-0610!


  1. Can't wait to see this one in person!! Of course I love the colors!!!

  2. I am having a terrible time putting mine together and getting the outer border to fit so the accents meet. You quilt is just awesome! Absolutely love the quilting.

  3. Beautiful. I'm working on mine as we speak, but I may have to make another. These are my high school colors, and i love red/black/gray together.


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