Shut the front door!!!

I apologize in advance if this post looks weird. I'm blogging from my phone for the first time and we're not exactly friends, but that's where the picture is I wanted to show you so there.

So I didn't go to International Quilt Market this time around, but one of my quilts is there without me (Grammy Patches from the last post). Well I texted my friend, Chris who just happens to be a sales rep for Windham and asked him to send me a picture of the quilt in the booth and did he deliver...
That would be THE Marcia Derse holding MY QUILT!!! This just made my day and makes missing Market not all that bad. I'm gonna get back to quilting and try to wipe this stupid grin off my face :)

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  1. This quilt has to be one of the quilts that I love the most since reading your posts over the lasts few months. This definitely looks like a pattern even a novice quilter like myself could complete. I can't wait till you post that the Grammy Patches pattern has been printed !


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