New Pattern: Grammy Patches

So, who doesn't love a jelly roll, right? I had the amazing opportunity to pair up with Windham Fabrics to showcase a new line of fabric with my new pattern, Grammy Patches.
 As some of you may have heard, Marcia Derse had joined the team with Windham Fabrics with two new lines being introduced this fall, and I am so proud to bring you "Palette" featured in my new pattern, Grammy Patches. Windham is releasing precuts with many of their new lines (you know how much I love those!) and they asked me to design a new pattern, and TADA! Here it is!
 This pattern actually comes in two different sizes. The size shown here is 40" x 60" and uses just one jelly roll for the top! It's just a matter of combining contrasting strips to make these awesomely rectangular blocks to create movement and interest. When I finished the top, it reminded me of an old crocheted Granny Squares Afghan and so the only name that seemed to work was Grammy Patches.

The larger size would use two jelly rolls and would finish 60" x 80". Now, there is a trick to the larger size, the blocks will be turned 90 degrees giving a completely different look than it's smaller counterpart. I honestly haven't made the larger size yet, but it would be a great one to showcase a solid and a print line for even greater contrast!
 I quilted this with many waves and curled lines to emphasize the illusion of movement the quilt gives. It was hard to pick a thread color as there are so many colors within the quilt, but a medium gray worked so well.
So, what do you think? Oh, and for those of you going to Market, you will be able to see this quilt hanging in Windham's booth!!! Sadly I am not going and have vowed to stay home and sew until I can't see anymore each night, but give my quilt some love if you go!

And I forgot to mention, along with the new lines of Marcia's fabrics, Windham has this booklet you can view online with the new fabrics and the quilts made to feature her two new lines Palette and Mosaic. You can see the booklet by clicking here.  Palette will be hitting stores this December, so keep your eye out, the colors are so vibrant and vivid, you'll want to get your hands on them!

The new pattern, Grammy Patches, is at the printer as we speak and will be available soon, I'll let you know when it's available to ship!

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  1. I like it! Your creativity never fails to amaze me :)


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