Stash Busted! The Before

So I took it upon myself to finally clean my sewing room last weekend and while it is far from finished, it's much better than it was. Here's how it all started:
This is the view when you walk into the sewing room. 
And there's the real mess. Backing trimmings, W-I-Ps, general stash, scraps, etc. 
And it continues into the closet...
So first I felt I needed to tackle the pile of random backing trimmings. This pile is all of the extra batting and backing I have trimmed from every quilt I have made in the last couple years or so. 

I'll show you the final (as it stands at this moment) tomorrow, but thank you all who commented and offered tips for sorting my stash. I found some amazing concepts I can't wait to try, but I'm thinking a trip to Ilea is in order first :) or a quick jaunt to target for the time being :)

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