Stash Busted: The After

Alright, now like I said yesterday, this is better, but far from perfect. 
So as a reminder, here's how the big mess looked...
And here it is now! Big difference!
Much better, the fabric you may still see here and there either won't fit in the cube in my closet that currently houses my stash, it's for a project coming up or it's small pieces that I need trays or bins to organize. 
Here is my stash (yep, that's most of it). I have chosen to organize it by color with a couple of themes or styles separate. I keep my Civil War and batiks separate as well as my bright floral/girly prints, novelty/kid prints, modern and holiday. 

The plastic stacking bins hold workshop materials or current projects (it's great for cut pieces), the big bag holds the batting remnants from my excess backings, and the other bags hold wool and snuggle/fireside backings that need a home somewhere in a drawer. 

This is how my stash has been organized for a while now, but I was concerned about the smaller pieces. Most of you seem to organize by color too, but filtering pieces by size seemed intriguing too. I couldn't figure out how to find the best of both worlds and then I was directed to a wonderful video through the comments on the post where I asked how you sort your stash. It was just what I needed. Now all I need is more time to officially sort my smaller scraps, a new bigger bookcase and some bins to put everything in. 

I'll post a link to the video later and let you know what I find works and doesn't work once I get set-up better and use my stash in the future. :)

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