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I went to the eye doctor today to switch back to contacts, loving it so far, but decided against quilting today on the long arm until the "fish bowl" effect wears off. So instead I'm tackling my sewing room (and the horrid mess it contains). 

So here's my question. I have all sorts of odds and ends in my scraps and I need to figure out the best solution to contain them. I've tried a few things and I can't seem to find "the" solution. How do you sort them? Do you sort by size or by color and theme? Do you combine the options and have both size and color groups?

I'm thinking I bit off more than I can chew since the last time I cleaned my sewing room was about two years ago and the mess has steadily built up in that time...

Any ideas would be appreciated. Just leave a comment below! Thanks!


  1. Did you see the video on Jolly Jabber's blog? Here's a link:


    This is how Lori Holt stores her scrap stash and regular fabric stash.

  2. What Suzan says! :) I was just going to post that as it popped up!

  3. Check out Bonnie K Hunter on Quiltville.blogspot.com under tips and techniques. I am trying to work on my own stash and the keeping thereof. I can only aspire to be as organized as she is and anyone else for that matter.

  4. I do cut my current leftovers al la Bonnie, but the scraps from my past reside in 2 large Canastas (3"x2"round with a lid) that when I just want something small or scrappy I dig thru for the piece. They are wrinkled but I don't care. Occasionally I will pull out a few and press and cut them up but only when the canasta is too full.


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