New Moos!!!

Well, one moo so far really. Last week I just missed the first calf being born by just minutes! I was so busy that day I wasn't able to run over and get pictures. Then it rained and the little rascal was hiding in the barn for awhile, but I was able to finally get pictures later in the week!
 He's too stinkin' cute! He's finally losing that wobbly awkward stage and moving a bit more confident now.
 He's just the first of five calves to be born this year hopefully.
 This day was still a bit on the rainy side, but it really showed off the colors in the trees as they're greening up! I have to say I really love that this is just one of my views while I quilt!
 I think this cow is the next to have a calf, but I could be wrong. Bud (the neighbor who owns these cows) thought she would be first...
Momma is being super protective and that's just fine for a sleepy little bull calf! I can't wait for more to come!

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