New Stitchery Patterns!!!

With Market in full swing today, it's time to release the new Stitchery designs!!!
 I love drawing these designs and the dinosaurs were so much fun. To come up with the different designs I actually consulted my nephew and played around with fun bright colors. There's a flying pterodactyl, a T-Rex, a stegosaurus and many many more!
Sometimes it's a bit more fun to find the right fabrics to match the stitchery designs. This was one of them. Luckily my friend Dottie had a ton of these fabrics at her shop and I added in a few more to get the colors just right. This theme was tough coming up with different designs that would look right. In this stitchery you will find some planets among the stars, an exploring astronaut, an alien and his spaceship, and a few other neat things.

Remember that each design contains 10 stitchery blocks and 14 pieced blocks to finish at 40" x 48". To make the quilt a bit larger, just add borders! Each design will be printed full size on an individual sheet as clear as day. Most designs can be used as a stitchery as I've done or as applique!

Also, you may find it fun to try out some fabric pencils or paints to color in the designs to make them stand out a bit more. The options are endless.

These designs join the Alphabet Stitchery line already including:
Bugs Bugs Bugs
Bundle of Joy
Farm Animals
Jungle Animals
Noah's Ark
Sea Creatures

So which one will you make first?

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