Machine Quilting: Mom's Glacier Star

So, early last week I worked on Mom's sample of the Glacier Star pattern by Judy Niemeyer. Mom's been busy teaching these classes and starting on two more versions of this quilt (I think that's all she's started). I honestly don't know how the other versions are going to top the looks of this first one...
This quilt is gorgeous and the colors are simply amazing. The crazy thing is... these are NOT Mom's normal colors. She's never played with these before really. She's more of an earth tone kinda gal, but we love the results!!!
With some of Mom's quilts, I really get to try out new ideas and patterns. I played with an adaptation of an oldie-but-goodie pattern and used it for some of the darker areas and the center. 
I used several types of either pointy or swirly designs and used them in a way to break up areas of the quilt. 
 It's hard to see the quilting in certain areas due to the thread choices and pattern of the fabrics themselves, but this outer fabric was a huge inspiration for the quilting designs.
 Here you can see a little better how I changed it up from pointy to swirly designs and back.
 With the centers of many Judy patterns, I spend a ton of time thinking about how to quilt them as they are complex and similar from one pattern to the next. This is the area I try to link many of the other designs going on in the quilt and tie them all together, even if it's just a loop or small detail.
 One of my favorite moments after finished a quilt is flipping it over and if the light is just right, you can really see the quilting details. The lighting on this particular day was just right!
 Here you can see the center and how the quilting looks on the backside.
 It's funny with this backing, we chose it due to it's busy texture (busy backs are best if you ask me!) and looking straight on, you can't see any of the quilting, but turn just a bit and the details come to life.

Mom's currently making other versions of this quilt as I mentioned before and if you sign up for one of her classes, I'm sure you'll see those in progress too. Oh, and if you're in Big Rapids, MI this weekend for the One Stop Shop Hop, we'll be there with this quilt and many others too! Stop by and see us!


  1. Love the colors and the quilting. Kuddos to mom for stepping out of her color comfort zone.


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