Quilting with noises

Normally when you're quilting, you can listen to the machine and know a few things. Just by listening, you can hear if your bobbin is running low, if it's time for a new needle, if the machine could use a little oil, those types of things.

Now I'm a noise kinda person. I have to have music on or the tv for background noise almost all day long. When I discovered Pandora it changed my life and that's the first thing I do when I am getting the machine started up - turn on Pandora.

But there are days that there are weird noises while I'm quilting. Some of them may just be in the background, some may be a bit louder. Sometimes I can hear the tv in the other room or noises from the kitchen if someone's cooking or baking. You know you live "in the sticks" however, when the sound you hear above the running machine is your brother testing out his turkey call the day before opening season...

Last week however, it was a different noise altogether... It was a noise from a furry member of the family.
 No, it's not these two. They're passed out and could care less I'm walking around the house taking pictures, but it's not them.
 I could hear the snoring from a particular Chocolate Lab who likes to sleep in this chair. She's tucked in so small in there. Want to see how small a 90 lb. lab can curl up?
Trust me, this is pretty small for her. This is Hershey, Mom's dog and she is soooooo stinking funny. She always sleeps in this chair (which she's allowed to be in) but as soon as she realizes you are in the same room as her she immediately gets out and moves elsewhere. I have never heard her snore so loud I could hear it above the long-arm machine running before. That's insane!

I have video of her playing and if I can upload it I'll have to share it with you. She's a brute and she's probably the clumsiest looking dog in motion I have ever seen. It could be due to the fact she's blind in one eye, but that doesn't really seem to slow her down. Not. One. Bit. Gotta love her!

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  1. LOVE the story! We have a 100-lb black lab named Calli and she snores all the time! Sometimes I think its my husband and try and wake him up and he says "it's not me it's the dog!" hahaha!
    All your fur babies are beautiful!


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