Mexican Stars Round Two

Now Pat also made a Mexican Star quilt, but her version of it is a bit different than Karen's you saw yesterday...
 Now, I have a sweet spot for red... Anything red. And this quilt has just a touch of that red in with these gorgeous shades of orange.

*Sidenote - I just got my rules for the guild challenge this year and orange is one of those colors. This quilt really sparked my interest and I'll be posting about that soon when I get my idea under control. Back to the main subject :)
 I focused on quilting each star and accenting the points with subtle curves. What I saw was flower petals similar to a tulip almost and I used that to soften the design. Then I brought back the same points and curves in a slightly different shape to fill in the background. That way the designs are tied together, yet stand apart just enough.
I love how the design shows on the back of this quilt too.

Both of the Mexican Star quilts I've shown you used a 3D effect that I was asked to avoid while quilting. I think I managed to quilt each of these to fulfill that request while showing off each quilt's own personality.

Thanks, Pat! I love your quilt and I hope you love the quilting!

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