Mexican Stars Oriental Style

Now I know from the title of this post you may be thinking this is like going to your favorite Mexican restaurant and seeing Chicken Fried Rice on the menu. It's not like that, I promise.

Well, it kinda is, but you'll see:
 Karen made this amazing Mexican Star quilt and used gorgeous colors. And yes those colors are from Oriental fabrics.
 I chose to quilt this in one thread color in the blocks with simple designs and filled in the background with these mittens. I also quilted ripples in the border to play off of the Oriental fabrics.
You can see how all of the designs blended well together and created a secondary design on the back.

Thanks, Karen! This was a fun thing to quilt, I don't get many Oriental quilts, and this was definitely in a category all it's own which makes my mind work in ways that amaze even me! I hope you like it!

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