Machine Quilting: Semi Custom Feathers

Now, I'll be honest. I'm still a newbie to the whole feathers game. I would guesstimate that most of what I quilt (especially this upcoming week) are baby quilts so feathers and baby quilts don't really go together.

I have always been a bit shy about attempting feathers. I think this is the result of when you let that voice in the back of your head tell you your feathers will never look as good as so-and-so's. We have some very talented quilters in our area who seem like they can all do feathers in their sleep. It's intimidating, I'll admit!

But Alyce gave me her version of the Patriots in Petticoats pattern and asked for feathers in the border and the log cabin areas:
This quilt as featured as a Block of the Month through various quilt shops, and it is quite large, but beautiful!
I started with the borders and the log cabin areas and filled those with feathers going in opposing directions from the center. 
 I LOVE these feathers and now I need to make a log cabin something or other so I can quilt some like this for me too!
Then I added in single feathers in one direction in the smaller inner border. 
 And double larger feathers in the outer border. These are a bit harder to see on the front of the quilt, but they show up so well on the back!
  Alyce chose to use a wool batting which gave just a slight puffiness to the quilt. It really helped to make the feathers stand out, but she also chose a simple muslin for the back for a true to the period type of quilt.
In this shot you can see both borders with the feathers going in different directions and the log cabin areas. We chose do to a simple all over design in the rest of the quilt and I think it all worked so well together.

Thanks Alyce! This quilt was so rewarding to do. Thank you for letting me finish it off for you!


  1. Your feathers are great! No need for further feather fear! :)

  2. Great feathers! The whole quilt looks so lovely! Your quilting totally enhances the beauty of the quilt :) Have you tried the bump-bump feathers that Karen McTavish does? I find them easier and much less back-tracking than the standard feathers and you can make fancier things inside the feathers with this method. After this quilt you should have no more feather fear, like Susan said!

  3. The quilt is beautiful, you did an awesome job! I think both sides would look good as a quilt top.


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