We will now take a break in this regularly scheduled programming for a small fuzz ball picture gallery.
 The little (okay, not so little) guys have been so active the last couple weeks in the backyard that every once in a while they need to take a little nap.
 Probably because they polished off this ear of corn in record speed. I think they put themselves into a corn coma.
 And even when it snowed, they perched on a branch to keep an eye out for random squirrels coming for their feeders.
 I love this pose they do, they always fold in their hands and look so fuzzy!
 But then they have to eat, each day they add just a bit more to their winter weight.
 And every once in a while I get spotted snapping pictures.
 But that doesn't stop them any.
Eat away my little friend. Maybe soon we'll have babies in the tree again! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They are so adorable!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming :)

Tonight is the opening for the Lake Farmpark Quilts 2013 Show! I'll take the camera and snap tons of pictures to give you a little tour of the show. Come back tomorrow for the virtual tour! Toodles!


  1. I love the picture with the hands all curled in...it is like Zen Squirrel pose.

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