Farmpark Preview: Ribbons!

So sorry for the delay today, but after the show last night I came home and crashed and then there were a ton of pictures to go through on my camera! I sorted them all out and have three different posts during the next week dedicated solely to the Farmpark Show. I'm sure there will be more come Vendor Weekend since I'll be back out there, but without further ado:
 Welcome to the Quilts 2013 Show! This year, this quilt won the Best In Show.
 You may remember this quilt from before on the blog. Jeanne got an Honorable Mention for her quilt.
 Carol not only took Second Place in her category but she was also awarded the Color Award!
 I love the colors and the beautiful hand quilting on this one!
 Need I say more? Anything Jo Morton related is a winner to me!
 This one was quite interesting. Not only was the applique so detailed, but the hand quilting was unlike anything I've seen before. Hence the Best Hand Quilting Ribbon.
 Are those glum winter days getting you down? Turn that frown upside down after taking a glimpse at this tropical beauty.
 Feathers anyone? The quilting on this quilt was spectacular!
 This small wall hanging has a ton of fall pizazz. The quilting and fabric choices were spot on.
 This piece was started with two hand-dyed pieces of silk which were then quilted with all sorts of various threads. This reminds me of so many art projects from back in the day.
 Mom's huge Mariner's Compass won Second Place in her category. The neatest thing is her quilt is hanging right in the front lobby near the Best In Show quilt. You can't miss it!
 Sandi worked so hard on these chickens and the quilting really sets the applique off. It's a beautiful quilt with lots and lots of details.
This is Sue's version of the Sunflower Illusions by Judy Niemeyer. You really can't see it here, but the quilting is amazing. There's different threads and styles of quilting, it's really pretty.

So that's all for today. Come on over to the show if you're in the Northeast Ohio area. The show runs from now until March 27th at the Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, OH from 9-5 most days. You can check the class listing and see more info about the park and the show here.


  1. So many quilts that I absolutely love! (the Mariners compass, the fall pizazz, the chickens!) Can't wait to attend a quilt show myself. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Of all these I love you mom's and the chickens! Thank you so much, I can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Good morning Rebecca, I am reasonably new to the world of quilting but find myself totally smitten. I came across your webpage as I was searching for quilts with a 'chicken' theme, and yours popped up, I also then fell in love with so many of your designs, specifically the one that you won a colour award for, which seems to be made from half square triangle patterns. Can you tell me whether I would be able to purchase these designs from you. I live in the UK.

    Many thanks from a newbie quilter raring to get started!


    Karen Merrick

    My email address is: kamerrick55@gmail.com


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