Cactus Flower Table Runner

Mom and I have been working diligently on making all sorts of samples of the Judy Niemeyer patterns we carry at the shop. I'm still working on my Bali Wedding Star, but it's not my main focus at the moment so progress has been slow, but I did manage to finish up this beauty:
 This is one of the kits we made at Cottonpickers for the Cactus Flower pattern. Mom is working on the other one and as soon as we get it finished I'll show it to you too. When we chose these fabrics, we knew we wanted to make a kit or two and I took one look at the batiks on the shelf and four of these fabrics were sitting right next to each other begging to be used.
There are actually three different fabrics in the spokes of the sunburst, but they are so gradual it doesn't show immediately. I think they show more on Mom's version (it's burgundy and green and tan = awesome). 
 I quilted this with two different colors of green. I used a fine light green thread for the lighter fabrics and a lime green that I love for the spokes and the setting triangles.
 I used the same lime green for the back and it works so well with this cyan Bella Solid. It really shows the quilting and gives it just a bit of flare that it would not have had if I used a matching thread.
 Hardly at all do I mismatch the thread, but this combo works so well together I had to. Plus this design is so playful it can handle it.

Yay! I finished something and it's bound and everything! I hate to say that hasn't been happening much in the past few months, but I'm really trying to focus on reorganizing me and my time. It's not been easy so far, but I'm really trying to put balance into this crazy life I'm in. Hope to show more finished projects here in the future. Come back tomorrow for a recap of the Glacier Star quilts I've shown you, it'll be exciting!


  1. blue is my favorite color and those batiks are beautiful. The runner and your quilting is fantastic.
    looking forward to you & your mom speaking at our guild on Monday (Quilt Co East in Pgh), very bummed that I have to work on Tuesday and can't do the workshops.

  2. I really need to tackle one of Judy's patterns this year!


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