Machine Quilting: Glacier Star #3

This is it! The lastest Glacier Star! Notice anything different with this one?
Yes. You see it right. This quilt was made with all Civil War Reproduction fabrics! Isn't it gorgeous?!
I think one of the neatest things Paulette did with this quilt was to alter the fabrics within the sunbursts on her extensions. It gives this part of the quilt some added charm. 

After quilting the other two Glacier Stars, I really had to reinvent myself with this quilt. Partially due to the fact that the fabrics are so much different than the other two quilts too. So, with the traditional style fabrics, I opted for traditional styled quilting like the feathers you'll see in many places. This type of quilting just would not have worked with the other quilts at all. 
 The true focus of this quilt (no matter which fabrics it is made out of) is the center. I looked through 1800's style quilting designs and altered this particular one to use around the snowflakes. Then keeping with the period theme, I quilted a dahlia-like design radiating out from the center using the feathered design in the center as the guide. You can see the top half of the dahlia quilted in this picture above.
I just love how it turned out. Sooooo happy with this design. 
 Here's a view of how the center and the colors Paulette chose work so well with the rest of the quilt.
 Once again I used feathers for the sunburst blocks between the star points with just a little non-traditional quilting to fill the background. This definitely would not have worked at all on the other quilts I already showed you. With all of the small points to fill in a design like this you have to get creative...
Different than the other quilts too, I quilted this design in the flying geese and left the "sky" alone on this quilt to leave a nice definition of quilting from area to area. You really can't see it due to the fabrics, but there are two types of swirls quilted in both the black and red fabrics on either side of the geese trail.
And here is the quilt all finished in it's grand glory. Paulette is a relatively new quilter and she did an amazing job with this quilt, don't you think?! As with many of the other quilts I've shown you, this quilt will also be on display at the Lake Farmparks Quilts 2013 Show next month.

Thanks, Paulette! This quilt was such a gem and I'm so glad you had me quilt it for you!

I'm going to be back with a recap of the three Glacier Star quilts I have shown you just so you can see as I have how changing the fabrics, colors, and placement totally changes the look of these quilts. Oh, and maybe  something I actually was able to finish up! Toodles!


  1. STUNNING! Nothing else to be said....

  2. Another fabulous Glacier Star! And Paulette doesn't qualify as anything but an experienced quilter - her PPing is fabulous! Just love these quilts - the two of you combined to create stunners!!!

  3. Holey Moley !!!!!!

    I had no idea folks from Chesterland possessed that kind of talent.

    Paulette must be some kinda quilting God

    Looks like it's easily a 5K quilt


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