Glacier Star Recap

 All the same quilt pattern...
 Just different fabrics and placement...
Would you believe they're all the same pattern if I hadn't told you?

Just goes to prove how powerful color can be. And imagination...

So what colors would you choose if you made this quilt? Are there any of the small color placement details you like better in one quilt above more than the other two?

There are soooo many small differences from one area to the next on these quilts that makes them unique. What do you notice the most? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on these quilts.


  1. I like how Marge's (the 1st one) center really stands out!! You can see the different layers of the center star!! I like the black/dark background in the other 2. It really makes the flying geese stand on their own. Thanks for the chance to see them all together!!

  2. Wow! They are so beautiful! It is really interesting seeing the pictures together. You really notice different parts in one quilt, and not so much in another. They each have their own focus point. Thanks for sharing!


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