Machine Quilting: Mixture of Quilts

My friend, Nancy, gave me a bunch of little odds and ends to finish up for her. My favorite part about quilting her things is she gives me free reign over the designs and threads. It's small opportunities like this where I can try out new designs and enhance my skills. It also challenges me in a way that my own quilts do not sometimes.

I do not have time or the resources to make every quilt I would like. Therefore I do not always have the right quilt to try out new quilting designs that work well together. When I get to "play" and use "Quilter's Choice", more times than not, the end result is so much more captivating than I could have imagined. It's a win win situation.
 When I first saw this applique table runner, I really wanted to try echo quilting. It took me awhile to figure out what design to do in the sashing, but I love how this one turned out.
 Here's a better view of the applique and quilting.
 She had many projects, one of which was this Christmas table runner...
 This was one of the projects from the Marti & Me Group. Both of the last two quilts just got an overall design quilted into them, nothing too fancy.
 But this last one... As soon as I saw this, I felt it needed a custom treatment. I asked Nancy if it was okay to go crazy on this one and she agreed.
 There's only three designs in the quilt. I did line dancing in the Carpenter's Wheel and the corner squares. Inside the wheel are really small dense swirls while outside the wheel got large less dense swirls. And finally I quilted double feathers in the border.
 You can see a bit more of each design here.
I had a feeling that the quilting would show up well on the back of the quilt, but it's better than I could have imagined! This light cream backing shows all of the designs and I couldn't be happier with the quilting. I hope Nancy is! I'm working on another one for her later this week and I'll be showing that one as soon as I get it done. Thanks Nancy!


  1. Hi! the red+green is so gorgeous!


  2. I really love your design on sashing of the first table runner. Simple but stunning. Never thought of that.
    Also other quilting are awesome especially love the back of last quilt. Again stunning!

  3. Great job of listening to the quilts! They look lovely! As a longarm quilter, I'm always interested in how others quilt different patters - thanks for letting us see your quilting!! I do have one suggestion...on the first runner, it looks like there is some wrinkles in the applique...have you thought of doing one line of echo quilting 1/4" inside the applique? That should keep the whole thing nice and flat. You really choose the right quilting for the different pieces...love the one you went crazy on!! Isn't it fun when your customers let you do that??!!


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