Machine Quilting: Vroom Vroom

That's the sound of Pure American Muscle Cars, like the Ford Mustang my Hubbin wants.

Now to set the stage before I continue, Ben had a mustang when we first started dating. It was black and awesome. I loved that car. Then one day he showed up to pick me up in a Chevy Tracker. (Rear wheel drive cars aren't known for moving anywhere you want them to go during the winter which can be most of the year here).

Ever since he traded in his Mustang, I've been hearing about how much he wants another one, but not just any one - it has to be atleast a GT model but a Shelby or Boss Edition would be fine if it had the right color and extras. Not that he's picky or anything...

So everyonce in awhile he'll talk about how he wants one, like for Christmas... Well, that's not going to happen any time soon so one year someone got him a die-cast model. Guess where it sits???
 Okay, first off, don't pay attention to the mess. Yes this is how my sewing room looks right at this very moment and yes I will admit it's a complete mess. Don't judge! But this is the view from my sewing machine. See the shelf directly in my line of sight?
 Yes that would be the Mustang die-cast. It was put there so while I'm sewing I'm reminded of "our dreams" (AKA Ben's dream) of owning a Mustang once again and to quilt my little heart out to get there... He's such a dork when it comes to cars, I swear he can spot one a mile away. This is just proof of one of those jokes gone wild.

But Darlene knew about Ben's love for Mustangs and that's why I was given strict instructions he was not able to see these quilts while they were in my possession:
 Darlene found two of these panels and had me quilt them up for her, one for her Husband and one for a friend.
 I used a fine black thread and outlined certain areas like the signs and cars and filled in the landscape areas.
In this shot you can see a better view of the quilting and how it blended with the textures in the panels. These were a ton of fun, and I'm happy to report that they are now safely back with Darlene. No Hubbin of mine got his grubby paws on them! Boys and their toys, what can I say?

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  1. Beautiful quilting! I Rebecca I am going using this version of stippling for my Disney Cars quilt.

    Once again, your quilting looks amazing!


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