Christmas Pickle

Does anyone else have a pickle ornament? We do at my Mother-In-Law's house:
Here's the story to the Christmas pickle if you haven't heard of it before - the pickle ornament is hidden on the Christmas tree somewhere. There's a special prize stashed away just for the person who is the first to find the pickle. We do this every year just for my nephew since he's the only kid. Even at age nine he still enjoys it.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, we're off to celebrate one last Christmas with relatives that just came in from out of town. It should be a fun night!

I finally downloaded all of the pictures off of my new camera and I'll be sharing more of those with you starting tomorrow. There's a whole mix of things I'm sure you'll enjoy. Back tomorrow!

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  1. we have a pickle, too....what's the white band around the middle of yours?


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