New Camera Test: Squirrels!!!

I love my squirrels, I love my new camera. It only seemed appropriate that I test out my new camera and the zoom lens on my squirrels...

We have had all sorts of squirrels living in our back yard. They are the best entertainment! So here's some more pictures of the Godzilla Squirrels in our back yard this year:
 We feed them with compressed corn and regular corn. I found if we feed them with these all year long, they hardly touch my garden on the other side of the yard.

 They're so fluffy and chubby! As I mentioned before, in the three years we've lived here the squirrels have never been this big. Last year they had access to the same foods and they were super skinny. And we didn't get hardly any snow. If they are any indication of what this winter has in store, it's gonna be a doosy!
I took these pictures about a month ago and they're waist lines have grown considerably since. But aren't they the cutest things ever! Gotta love them!

I'll switch up the gears again for the blog and post some quilting pictures again soon! Toodles!


  1. I do not think I have ever seen chubby squirrels. Happy New Year!


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