Machine Quilting: Nautical Quilt

Living so close to the lake there are a bunch of people with nautical themes in and around their homes. Karen is one of those with a whole room dedicated to the lake with this wonderful lighthouse quilt to add into the mix:
 She's going to hang this on the wall in her nautical room and when we were discussing which design to do I knew which one immediately.
 I may have gone a bit overboard with the quilting, her stuff is not usually this dense, but it worked so well with this quilt.
I love how it really showed up on the back. This is one of my new favorite designs to quilt. Granted, the "favorite list" changes often, but this day it was this design.

I've got many more quilts that I've been working on. I think between Christmas and New Years I'm taking the week off. I think I've done more quilting this month than ever before. It's been great, but that's the reason I haven't been on here much.

Speaking of which, gotta go quilt some more! Later!


  1. Oh I love the quilting! it's perfect on that quilt! my favorite quilt design changes a lot too, depending on what I'm working on. I will even forget about a design for a while and then it's so fun to remember or be reminded of it and then it's a favorite again for a bit!


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