Retreat Ready (kinda)

So, I'm packing up all sorts of projects to get ready for my first ever Quilting Retreat!!! Yippee!

I've been a cutting fool over here trying to get everything prepared so all I really need to focus on is the actual sewing part. I've cut pieces for some Project Linus quilts as side projects, a Yellow Brick Road, other odds and ends I need to finish and most importantly - the pieces for my Bali Wedding Star.
One night Mom had the Quilt Shop open late for a Shop Hop so I went in to keep her company... Little did I know it led to picking out all 88 pieces needed for the strips for the rings of this quilt. I was pretty sore the next morning, but I'm so happy how they turned out:
 There are 88 completely different fabrics above, no repeats. It was so much fun!
 These are the background fabrics I chose
And these fabrics will be the stars and cornerstones of the rings. I hope to get a bunch done while I'm gone and this is the main focus, but I have several other projects so I can split up my time and not get too burnt out on just one project.

Roughly 3 days and 3 nights of pure quilting, I can't wait. I believe the group going is around 24 people and we should have all sorts of fun. I will be sure to take tons of pictures and report back when I return. In the meantime I have some machine quilting posts for you and an awesome recipe.


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