Machine Quilting: Darlene the Machine

Darlene has been on a roll lately and she's been cranking out quilts like you wouldn't believe! Oh, to see more of her work you can head over to check out her blog at iquiltscarletandgray.blogspot.com. She is one of the biggest Ohio State University fans I know so many of her projects are scarlet and gray in color, but not the two I'm going to show you!
 As I've mentioned before, there are tons of babies being born around here. Darlene found this adorable panel and added some pieced borders for and adorable quilt.
 In the border I quilted large swirls and quilted some smaller swirls in the sky and water around the ark. I kept the quilting simple to let the ark and animals be the main focus.
 Darlene also made this wonderful fall quilt. The fabrics and colors work well for this simple layout.
 It's kinda hard to see here, but I quilted an "oldy but goodie" pattern of mine.
You can see the detail better in this picture. This one I call Feathered Paisley & Loops. It works well for a feminine quilt that won't look childish. It's still fun with a hint of elegance.

Thanks Darlene! I can't wait to see what she's making next. A little birdie told me she's working on Judy Niemeyer's new Feathered Star pattern... Yay!

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