New Moo's

So, my neighbor  has cows, and they are too adorable! This year he was expecting 4 babies and they're all here (kinda).  I posted about the oldest two back here, but I have new updates.

So, the third baby that was due, unfortunately didn't make it. Momma's belly kept growing, but the baby ended up being still born... Not a good situation, but Bud ended up bringing home another Momma with her brand new baby instead so the baby count was still at three at the time with one more on the way.
 You really can't see him here, but he's nursing on Momma.
 Then last weekend the last little stubborn one made his way into the world, just a little backwards. Literally.  His Momma is known for being noisy, but since he's here in the flesh she is noisier than ever keeping tabs on him. He was just born last Saturday and I took this picture Wednesday afternoon so he's only a few days old here.
So all cows are here and accounted for which leaves us with the grand total of two older bulls, four heifers, and four babies (three bulls and one girl). The range in ages for the babies spans over the last four months, and the oldest (the girl) is definitely the most playful and spunky. Hence why I call her Spunky McGee. Mom witnessed her one morning jump on the newest baby wanting to play, but he's so much smaller than her that she knocked him right over. They're all fine and they do play like puppies if you can imagine, just a bit rougher.

The only other small incident was yesterday morning when the newest baby rolled underneath the fence while getting up from laying down and then found himself outside of the fence... Momma was not a happy camper! But he's fine, they got him right away and put him back where he needs to be and all is well.

I have such a fun time watching these guys when I'm quilting. The view from the room with the long arm machine looks out into the front of their pasture. They all have wonderful personalities and I never thought I would have cows as neighbors, but it's fun!

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  1. Oh that's so lovely. you must have pretty view for quilting :-).
    Congrtulations to the new moo mama!


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