Baby Moo Cows!!!

The best part about the neighbor next door having cows is BABY MOO COWS!!!
 They chase each other around... (you can just barely see the back end of the brown baby behind the tree leaves)
 Until Momma there puts a stop to that. The little girl on the left was just shy of a month old when I took these and the little guy was just a few days old.
 This Momma with the horns is expecting later this summer. So far 2 babies born, 2 more to go!
 I just love watching them!
 But, I thought with the sun starting to set and the way the light hit the tree in the pasture, this should have been an awesome picture. Boy, was I right!
This has been the highlight of coming and going as I quilt. Now these cows belong to my neighbor from the house I grew up in. The long arm machine is at my Mom & Dad's house this is one of the interesting parts of growing up in the country. There were no cows here when I lived at home. Bud decided to start raising them a few years ago and it still cracks me up. Who-da-thunk-it?

Aren't they adorable?!


  1. They are darling. You are lucky to have such entertainment while you are quilting.!! Enjoy.

  2. I love cows too -- We used to have one called Jemima when I was a little girl and milk and scalded cream was the highlight of my childhood days. Her nose was the softest furriest cuddle ever. Happy quilting x

  3. I love cows and this post made me smile! Thanks for sharing!


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