My Famous Glazed Kielbasa Recipe

Do you have that go to dish that works for just about everything? Need a potluck dish - try this one. Need an appetizer - try this. Need a quick main dish - try this. Need a snack - you get the point.

I made up this dish somehow and I couldn't tell you how it happened if I tried. All I can think of is this came out of those many hours I used to spend watching Food Network back when.

I've made this for several things and this is the one dish that gets rave reviews and insane amounts of requests every time I make it. The best part for me is it is sooooo simple!
 Here's the five ingredients you'll need to make this dish:
Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage
White Wine (Semi Sweet or Dry, not too sweet)
Yellow Mustard
Brown Sugar
Parsley Flakes
 First things first, if you're not already dealing with an open bottle of wine, crack it open and have a glass!
 Remove the kielbasa from the package and cut it into three more manageable pieces as shown.
 Cut the kielbasa into 3/8" thick slices at an angle (to get the most surface area possible). Using a serrated knife helps to cut the sausage rather than tear it apart.
 Cut all of the pieces and set them aside. Heat a pan (preferably non-stick) to medium high heat.
 Once the pan is heated, add the kielbasa pieces and cook them until they get a nice brown color.

(In the following pictures you'll see I kinda burnt mine, I got a new pan that I'm not quite used to yet. It's either not hot enough or too hot, but it works)
Add in just enough wine to cover the bottom of the pan. Stir the kielbasa frequently and it will start to soak up the liquid.
 Keep and eye on it because once it starts to soak it up...
 It disappears in no time. Don't let all of the liquid disappear, this is a good time to go to the next step.
 Sprinkle in a small handful of brown sugar.
 Then squirt in some yellow mustard. I do a small pattern of lines in one direction and then the other, just enough to get a taste like shown above.
 Mix it all together and in seconds (Seriously!) It turns into this magical glaze (Notice why the non-stick pan is important? Ask me how I know...
 Sprinkle in some parsley flakes for some color (Honestly this step can be completed removed, but it makes it look pretty)
 Mix it all together and serve!
Add in some roasted potatoes or your favorite side for a quick meal (start to finish this takes only about 10 minutes including prep). Like I mentioned before, I've made this for potlucks making several batches and putting it all in a crock pot to keep it warm. It's a staple at our house and it's soooo easy to make. Why don't you give it a try, it'll be a favorite of yours too I'll bet!


  1. Is there something else to use instead of the wine?

  2. I saw a kielbasa recipe, just like this one... With chicken broth instead of wine, not sure how it tastes but might be worth a shot?


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