Machine Quilting: Get Your Sunglasses

You've been warned and so was I when I got this quilt from Marge. This is for her grandson, Alex, who is in 1st grade. Alex lives with Marge so she had to take advantage from his summer trips to put it together.
 There were several fun fabrics in this quilt, I really think it's perfect for a young boy but he'll be able to grow up with it too and it won't be too juvenile either. Good job Marge!
I quilted a version of swirls made popular by the famous Kim Diehl. They worked so well with the fabrics, there wasn't a better design for this quilt.

Thanks Marge! Now it's your turn to get out the sunglasses!


  1. The quilt is great looking. Nice job on the quilting. What is the pattern name of that particular one? Thanks for sharing.

    1. I honestly do not know, but the next time I see Marge I will ask her and post it here. Thanks for the comment!

    2. I just talked to Marge and the pattern is "Surrounded" by Four Paws Quilting!


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