Days of Fall

So, personally the best place I like to be when the weather is switching over to Fall is in my hometown. Conveniently, that happens to be where my quilting machine is with wonderful views of the outside.

Last week I was there several days. I stayed home over the weekend and when I returned on Monday the leaves had already started to change! But the dogs have a different pace, the cows are feeding constantly, the air is more crisp, everything changes.

So how about we take a picture journey through my Fall days?
 So this is the newest baby moo cow and one of the new bulls. They were inseparable that day.
 The hay buffet for the moo cows.
 From where I was taking pictures of the newest pattern, the cows were just off to the side. And they were very intent on what I was doing (at least the ones that weren't stuffing their faces).
 The colors on the leaves have already started to change.
 Ever had beagles before? They are notorious for being escapees. Just look at the hole Miss Joy is trying to dig to China under her house. This is Paige above, weren't not sure exactly what she's mixed with but it has to be terrier because she can jump straight up and look you in the eye.
 This is Joy. She will try to squeeze every ounce of her being through the fence if she could to love on you.
 But when that doesn't work she falls asleep in your hand.
 Paige again, love that old scruff!
 And now onto the other mongrels. These guys are normally not fond of the camera but they were so konked out that I had no problems snapping pictures of them. Tucker is the little brat. He and I have a love/hate relationship. But he is cute!
 Hershey, Hershey, Hershey. Does anyone else have a dog that sleeps like this? It doesn't look comfortable.
 And Miss Abby Sue. Here she is being the ham that she normally is...
But this was how I found her that day. Normally as soon as you walk in the room she rolls over like she was doing something wrong, but I managed to snap a picture or two on this day.

Love the critters, especially when they're lethargic and quiet. Unlike yesterday when my brother was "tuning his goose call" and it was driving the dogs insane, which was not a fun time to be had...

More updates about the newest pattern coming up soon!

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